November 7, 2016



The jobs are divided to 5 groups:

  1. Unemployed – people who belong to a city but don’t have a job.
  2. City – they work for the Mayor and do different jobs for the city.
  3. Country – they work for the Prime Minister and do different jobs for the country.
  4. Independent – they don’t have a manager and they make money from doing different jobs.
  5. Mafia – they work for the boss of their mafia.


  1. The payments are issued by the manager of the player’s job. For example: Architect pays builder to build something.
  2. In some jobs like the Mayor or The Prime. The payment method is different then the regular jobs, they can take money from the city/state balance. And with that money they can pay their workers. They can invest the city/state revenue in different parts of them or keep the money to themselves.


  1. In the high rank jobs who manage big amount of money, can take the money they supposed to do a project with for the city and keep it to themselves. The admin or their manager need to always look up at their workers actions. And it the workers fail to do their job, their manager can: lower their rank, fire them or worse – send them to jail for a period of time.

Jobs tree: